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Patio Enclosures San Antonio

If you have thought about having your patio enclosed, then turn to the experts in patio enclosures at Sunscape Sunrooms. At Sunscape Sunrooms, we build patio enclosure San Antonio, which will give you more use out of your porch. Patio enclosures convert an infrequently used patio or porch to a sunroom providing you relief from the sun, inclement weather and brings the outside inside. If you want to extend your home, we can also build a new sunroom addition to your home or enclose your pool. When you enclose your patio or add a sunroom, you will enjoy the beauty and space it adds to your home.

Patio Enclosures Match Your Homes Architecture

Our patio enclosures and screen room enclosures are constructed from the highest quality materials and built to complement the architectural style of your home. You will work with a patio enclosure designer who will analyze the needs of your family and lifestyle and will work with you to convert under utilized space into your family's favorite room.

At Sunscape Sunrooms we will help you select materials, windows, flooring and decor that will seamlessly integrate your new patio enclosure with your current home design. A patio enclosure will both add more space to your home and allow you to have a new room with beautiful views. Whether you want to enclose your patio or porch to use as a living room or entertainment room, you will love the feel of your new space. Complement the architectural style of your home by having Sunscape Sunrooms tastefully customize a patio enclosure for your existing patio or porch. Not only will a patio enclosure add additional space, but will also increase your home's value. Contact Sunscape Sunrooms by email E-mail: or call us at (210) 545-7301 for a free estimate on our custom patio enclosures.

See our gallery of patio enclosures to see what we can build for your home.

Gallery of Patio Enclosures San Antonio

Enclosure 1 - Before

Screen room Enclosure San Antonio - Before

Enclosure 1 - After

Patio enclosure San Antonio

Enclosure 3

Patio Enclosures San Antonio

Enclosure 4

Enclosure 4

Enclosure 5

Patio Enclosures

Enclosure 6

Sunroom Enclosure 6

Enclosure 7

Enclosure 7

Enclosure 8

Patio Enclosures San Antonio

Enclosure 9

Enclosure 9

Enclosure 10

Sunroom Enclosures in San Antonio

Enclosure 11

Patio Enclosures 11

Enclosure 12

Sunroom Enclosure 12

Enclosure 13

Sunroom enclosures San Antonio

Enclosure 14

SunRoom Enclosure 14

Enclosure 15

Sunroom Enclosures

Enclosure 16

Patio Enclosure 16

Enclosure 17

Patio enclosures San Antonio

Enclosure 18

sunroom enclosures San Antonio

Add a sun room patio enclosure to your home in San Antonio and start enjoying your new space. Patio enclosures have many options, features to choose from. Sunroom prices can vary and we can help you find the right patio enclosure to meet your budget.

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